FREE Comic Page Layout Templates with Golden Ratio Layer for Procreate, PhotoShop + PNGs

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With the new Procreate Layer Group feature, you can now easily do comic strips as well as page and panel layouts on your iPad. For my personal and professional work, I created some layout templates for comics, cartoons, manga, and graphic novels. 


You can download them for free (just enter $0) or make a small donation to support my work.

The layered Procreate file (4947 x 3249 px) is great for:

  • Comic PAGES (e.g. graphic novels) use blue grid and portrait orientation
  • Comic STRIPS (e.g. newspaper strips) use red grid and landscape orientation

Both layouts can be used with the GOLDEN RATIO template I included on a separate layer. It's extremely useful to create harmonic page layouts and pleasing compositions!


  • For drawing clean, straight panel borders I recommend using the QuickLine or Streamline (stroke correction) features (see Procreate Handbook).
  • Keep your panels in separate folders. Use subfolders for text and speech bubbles. This allows you to easily drag around and rearrange your panel layout. 
  • If you use the PNG files set the layers to "multiply" and put them on top of your artwork.


[01.18.2017] Added a PhotoShop version (PSD) and 3 separate PNG files!

If you like the templates, check out my custom brushes for comics and cartoons:

Feel free to follow me in the Procreate forum, leave a short comment or tweet your sample comics @georgvw.

I hope you’ll find the templates useful and wish you lots of fun with them!

Happy Drawing :)

Visit my website to learn more about my brush sets, check out sample images, watch demo videos and read customer reviews.

58 ratings
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    Procreate, PSD, PNG
  • You'll get...
  • Size8.36 MB
  • Templates filesProcreate, PSD, PNG


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FREE Comic Page Layout Templates with Golden Ratio Layer for Procreate, PhotoShop + PNGs

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