XMAS 2017 Brush Set: 15+ Procreate 4 Brushes + 2 New Color Swatches

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As a Christmas Special, here's my free XMAS 2017 MegaPack update as a stand-alone brush set. This XMAS Brush Set contains 15 new and optimized brushes for Procreate 4 including the MAGIK SWORD brush I created for the great Nicholas Kole as well as 2 new color swatches.

You'll get:

  • Nicholas Kole's¬†MAGIK SWORD: A paper-textured multi-purpose brush with a hard and a soft edge. It can be used as a sketch, ink, and watercolor/marker brush as well as for painting with soft gradients and a seamless paper texture. Use pen tilt to create really smooth transitions with your brush strokes.¬†
  • The MAGIK SPEAR: A very versatile sketch and ink brush with nice dynamics and flow. Use tilt for blocking forms and shading.
  • The MAGIK SHIELD:¬†A dynamic painting and shading brush with a subtle paper texture. Use with low opacity for soft transitions and smooth shading.
  • The¬†MAGIK LANCE: This ink brush with varying line width is based on my popular Kolinsky ink and paint brush series. I added some extras like dynamic opacity and brush hair patterns that become gradually visible when you apply strong pressure and/or use a low pen tilt angle.
  • WET OIL PAINT MIXER P4.2:¬†A pure color mixing and blending brush I developed for digitally creating oil paintings from any reference photo or image in Procreate (also available as a stand-alone brush).¬†
  • XMAS MAGIK MESSY INKER¬†roll: A variant of the MESSY INKER with longer streaks for low tilt angles.
  • XMAS MAGIK SWORD OVAL:¬†A new variant of the MAGIK SWORD with an oval brush tip and hard/soft edge orientation following your finger/stylus stroke direction.
  • XMAS OIL PAINTER: A streaky oil painting, blending, and mixer brush. The color runs out at the end of each stroke - keep painting without lifting your pen/finger to move around and paint with the existing colors.
  • XMAS MAGIK¬†PAINTER WET:¬†A multi-purpose wet paintbrush with a soft aquarelle paper texture. Use tilt to accentuate the texture grain.
  • XMAS POINTILLISM:¬†A versatile low-density spray brush, which you can use for loose stippling and spray shading as well as for adding dirt and dust to your scene.
  • XMAS POSEIDON multiply: A modified version of my popular textured watercolor brush including "Multiply" color blending¬†for a realistic color mix (no need to work on separate layers for color blending).
  • XMAS SNOW SPRINKLE:¬†This brush is very useful to add paint sprinkles and flicks to your illustrations. Just in time for the Holiday Season, it's also a perfect brush for painting falling snow. For a natural look and perspective depth, use pen tilt to vary between soft, smooth and hard circle edges.
  • XMAS WATERCOLOR multiply: A brand-new watercolor paintbrush set to "Multiply" for natural color blending. Use tilt for subtle texture shading and reduced color opacity.
  • BONUS Content: KING KOLE KOLOR and GvW TOON TOWN color swatches

FREE Updates

You'll get all future updates and new brushes for this set for free!

Best Deal

All brushes from this set are also included in my 400+ brushes MegaPack (free update #26, version 16.0, file list).

FAQ & Tips

  • Check my¬†FAQ and follow step-by-step tutorials for downloading and importing your new brushes into Procreate.
  • All brushes can also be used as an¬†eraser as well as smudge tool to achieve a consistent look & feel.
  • Play with opacity, try out pen pressure, tilt angle, and speed sensitivity to use my brushes to their full potential.
  • Remove grain or reduce jitter if you prefer a cleaner line art.
  • Adjust the StreamLine setting (automatic stroke correction feature) to fit your style.

Hope you enjoy the brushes as much as I enjoyed creating them. 

Merry Christmas and a peaceful, creative New Year!¬†ūüėä


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Artwork by Jens K

Thanks and kudos to the great Norwegian comic artist Jens K Styve who shared the time-lapse video of his zany Xmassy illustration with my new XMAS MAGIK MESSY INKER brush!


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XMAS 2017 Brush Set: 15+ Procreate 4 Brushes + 2 New Color Swatches

0 ratings